Be Trained To Be What God Has


An online education Church Bible Institute that provides you with world-class Bible training and ministry education you can use to fill your calling in Christ Apostolic Church.

Welcome To CACNA Bible Institute

We Train Individuals To Fulfill Their Callings In Christ Apostolic Church, North America


We offer multiple courses to allow you to prepare for ministry amidst the demands of life. Courses are taken through our distance studies program which are instructor-led, virtual courses.


Every course is taught from a practical and personal point of view, aimed at helping students grow in their walk with Christ as well as growing in hands-on experiences needed in today’s demanding world.

Spiritually Rich

All courses are taught through the lens of God’s grace and the resulting impact upon the heart and life of the individual student. Jesus Christ is exalted at the heart of our student’s spiritual formation

Our Training Courses

Register For The Appropriate Class

There are three Courses available in the Institute. Before you register, please contact the Registrar about your desired area of study and you will de directed and given instructions on which class to register for.

The training is prepared to give a general overview of the total concept of the deacon ministry as it relates to Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide.

Still Confused About Our Courses? Please Contact Us

Please contact your Pastors, Superintendents or simple contact us and we will direct you what to do to get the right training for your ministry and calling.